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newbie advice


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i live in florida and love saltwater fish.

i have a eclipse 12 and want to go nano, i had it set up as a sucessful saltwater tank before, i had a blue chromis, hermit crab, three tide snails and a feather duster, i recently got some live rock, and feel like i already made a mistake, it had come directly from the ocean, the guy had it in a bucket and didnt cure it so i have lots of lil stuff crawling around on it like a small spider crab, i belive its sea hare, or spanish dancer, you know the ones that secret a purple toxin when stressed. plus theres some small white things moving around, some kind of worm(looked like a white earthworm) and thats all that i see right now.


does anyone have any advice, should i remove it and cure it, or what.

any advice in particular for a newbie

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