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Lighting help


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I have a 12g nano setup for 2 months & doing great. I want to setup a standard 10g I have in a closet. Live sand & rock, most likely an invert tank. Maybe some little critters & such, no fish. On the tank comes a standard light fixture. Is there a particular bulb to put in the fixture(i think its 12" long)? I'm trying not spend a fortune on the tank. The nano broke me.. Any help would or suggestions would be great!!!

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try one of the odd wttage bulbs like a 23 watt pc or somthing.

a 55w is too long and anything above it is as well. BUT.... a 96w power quad will fit NICELY!! EDIT: OOPS sorry you said you were trying to keep the old fixture. forget the power quad then ;)

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hmmm I have an 18k bulb on a 10g standard trying to remember the make cost like $12 @ pet supplies plus oh it is a hagen bulb, should work for what you are trying to do

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