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Yes got my new nano cube dx to australia!! Am I going to do the right thing?


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Im going to buy live sand and sea water fill it up.


Then Im going to fill it with live rock and leav lights on for about 10h a day.


Now the bio/pellets/charcoal is going out and live rock is going in.


Is there enough light going to the back of the nano to keep live rock "alive"


Do I have to start dosing calcium to sustain life on the live rock? I dont want all the purple nice rock to die while I cycle the tank.


what other kind of dosing to I need to start looking into?

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During the cycle period I would try to leave your lights on less than 3 hours aday. If you leave them on 10 hours a day you will experiance a nasty alge bloom. Did you buy a heater? put it in the same box as the pump. I also needed more flow so I bought a mini 606 which in in the display area under the back intack facing forward. Best of luck with the DX, I love mine.


added note, there is enough light to keep the rock ruble in the back alive if you fill one of the chambers with rock. Not even sure it really needs it. I only light up my refugium due to the plants on my 75.

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I'd leave the lights on 8 hours a day throughout your cycle and after.

I'd also keep the sponges and charcoal.

Adding live rock to the back could be a nitrate trap just like the bio-balls, forget it.

Hold off on the Calcium and then test for it first, during and afterwards. The nice purple rock may diminish somewhat and you will get an algae bloom as part of the cycling process.

I'd recommend Coral-Vital (10 doses max at a time, not 30) after your cycle and possibly DT's Phytoplankton, depending on your corals to add later.

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I'd go with about 15-17 lb of LR, depends on the type of LR you get also, some types are more dense and compact whil others are more prous and "fluffy". Just get what you think looks good.

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Well 15 to 17 pounds of LR is 15 to 17 pounds of LR no matter what. Of course if you get LR that is more dense then that means that you will get less rock. I personally like dense rock better. I say get about 15 pounds.

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OK sounds good around 15 Pounds (6.8 Kilo's).

Now I got more questions please..


Im not going to use the pump that came with the Nano Cube DX cuase of the US power supply it requires.


I was wondering can I use a powerhead or do I need a pump? I dont see any diffrences between the two.


I wanted to get a second powerhead for better water movment. we dont have the same brands here, can I get a figure for powerhead strength that I will need.

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1) I believe if you have sufficent LR and some LS you can just add a good Proetin Skimmer and a Powerhead for some movement. But you should wait for more answers on this issue.


2) Dont use a damsel. I say just cycle your tank with your LR and LS. Some people have added Damsels so they can speed up the cycle but it's considered a bit CRUEL. When the cycle is going on there are spikes of Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates. The Damsel is a very hardy fish but why put him through that uneccessary cruelty. By the way, say that the damsel does survive the cycle then you have a Shark in your Nano. Damsels are aggressive fish and they are very territorial. Once you place a peaceful fish in there then he's gonna have him for dinner.Hehehe.

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Yea I still want to know what power Im looking for? how many Litre/Hour Galon/Hour etc. I dont want to buy one which will not suit the tank flow.

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as far as i know the standard pump does 106gph i may be wrong.. i swapped in a mini jet 606 and put the stock pump in the bottom left corner to help movement along the back i also got a maxi jet 600 and plumbed a spray bar over the back wall and cut over flow teeth to help with surface skimming. hth

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