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where is my firefish???


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I purchased a firefish on friday, he was out all day, and i havent seen him since. my sister swears she saw his tail in the back of my tank behind rocks but i havent. Today (sunday) i still havent seen him so I decided to remove ALL my rocks in case he is dead. Well I still didnt fine him. Took ALL my filtering agents out of the back of my JBJ cube and still didnt find him. My friend told me that they hide in rocks and never come out, but I swear I checked every crack, hole,crevice, etc and didnt see a fish. any ideas anybody!!!



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Dr. Saltwater
Originally posted by Spongebob12000

i've heard they like to go carpet surfing. I would look behind and around tank on floor and stuff. hopefully he is just hiding somewhere!


I'm praying for you it didn't jump out!

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well its a cube, so i have a lid on it, and i did check around


man this sux, plus i took my rocks out to search for it, so i hope it really wasnt hiding in a rock and now its dead since the rocks were out of the water for a few minutes



thanks for the concerns

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Same thing happened to mine, couldn't find it anywhere. Then a couple of weeks ago I was changing the bulbs in the halogen lighting unit and there was the firefish's fried body. Have a look in your lighting then, they can jump a long way.

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I would also suspect maybe a predator. Maybe the firefish was injured and then was picked on by scavengers such as bristleworms and hermit crabs. THey can do a clean up job remarkably fast. Goodluck.

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thanks everyone for the replies


i checked the lights, i sifted through my sand bed, i guess if its dead i hope my clean up crew does do a good job before it rots and pollutes my water...


its like a kidnapping, its worse not knowing what has happened cuz you always have that bit of hope to hold on too


oh wells i guess ill have to buy another one

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