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Well, Ryan of Quality Corals has done it again!!! I have delt with him many times and he never lets me down. Large rocks, plenty of polyps and great service. What more can I say. Here are some pics of the beauties, just one day after I had them in my holding tank. Some are going to have a special place in my 10 gallon nano.....


You want to talks about bright green, this picture, just doesn't do it justice....



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Hang on your hats for this one. It is on a chunk of branch rock and the zoos, cover it on all sides! I have counted over one hundred and each one shines with the blue center and the red skirt.....



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Here is the one that I love the most.....you want to talk about color. Not a huge rock, but it will be going in the 10 gallon nano.........



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OK one last rock, this one has a wonderful pattern and is another huge rock, like 6" by 5"....looks great with the water moving the skirts....



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Well that should give you an idea of what I got from Ryan, on my last order. Give him a try and tell him" Dickie" sent you, it just may help us both!!!


And here is just a parting shot, of a close up.....



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Originally posted by Travis

so....you got a full tank shot or what?


These are just in my holding tank. It is a 120 that I use for prop. I am just getting back into the nano, but here is my 10.....



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Originally posted by ebin

no full tank shot? how much did the order cost?


He was running a special of 6 rocks for $150.00 and would include a blue.....


I added a few extra chunks, because it was such a good deal.....

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