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First nano for a big reefer (aka minimalistic reef)


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Looking for some opinions on setting up a minimalistic nano. I'm talking water change only filtration. Just water, rock, livestock, powerhead, heater, and lights..


I'm going to be setting up my first nano coming from a big reef.. Moved into a new apartment and I was lucky enough to be able to move my current setup (and upgrades) into the basement, but I'm on the second floor and won't be down there to enjoy the tank, just maintain. I'd like to setup a nano in my apt using most of what I have and have left over..


So, I'm looking for some advice as far as lighting goes, I'd like to set up a 15 gallon nano (using my existing QT setup) and keep some ricordia, zoos, and maybe a small fish or shrimp (low bioload)...


I've got a 15g tank, an Eheim Liberty 150 or something, heaters and whatnot, but I'm lacking on two things, flow and lighting. Halides are out of the picture, the tank in the basement has already got 2 400w HQI (XM 10k moguls) lamps along with 220w actinic.. I have no desire to setup another high heat chiller requiring setup upstairs.. Simplicity is the key here.. I'd like to maintain using water changes alone. I believe I can swing 5g weekly. I'm not going sps, although possibly some lps from my main tank (too high flow).


I've got one of those in-tank airstone skimmers, I'd prefer to not have to bother with that.. Actually, I'd prefer not having to deal with the hang on power filter either. Just a powerhead, heater, and lights. At most I'd throw some calurpa or chaetomorpha in the main tank.


If you were doing it, what lights would you use? I'm thinking just a cheap 2x65w PC 24" setup. What powerhead for flow? I'm thinking Seio 620 (overkill?). Whatever Ebo or Visitherm i've got laying around, and that is it.


So lets hear the suggestions, I've got no preconceptions here and am willing to try any experiment anyone comes up with..



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OK that is alot but i got some suggestions for you. The lighting that you plan for will be more than suffiecent for keeping soft corals and also for LPS. As for filtration i would, instead of just relying on water changes, invest in a canister filter. They can be extremely efficient and useful in nano tanks. As for water flow, i would not add the Seio as that would be too much water flow (close to 40 times turnover in your tank, that will blow substrate all over the place and might even move not secured rock). I would instead reccomend a maxijet 900. I would also not add caulpera into the display tank as it can add noxious toxins into the water.I would consider looking into different types of macroalgae. Just remember that you will have to be diligent to keep the macroalgae under control if you keep it in your display. I think you should also get high quality live rock to help out with the lack of filtration you will have. For instance for my 20 gallon nano reef, I have a Fluval 104, CPR Hang-On Skimmer, and a Hang-On CPR Aquafuge with a low bio load of just a maroon and bicolor blenny and 3 shrimp. You are well on your way to having a very nice nano. Goodluck.

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How about a Nano Cube Deluxe with a heater and upgraded pump (I hear the stock ones are loud)? Weekly water changes of a couple gallons and you're good to go.

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Nah, too expensive, I can just spend the same money on lighting and put that over my existing 15g tank. It's a nice tank and all, but I'm not so sure it really brings anything to the table so to speak..



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Angel Higuera

I think your on the right track IMO. Use a maxijet 900, 2X65w PC. Good quality live rock is a no-brainer.


I would also invest in a DIY AC 500 ($35.00) fuge with some chaeto and LS/LR in it. You should be fine with that.

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