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coral in nano cube


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Hello I was just wondering if someone could help me out on this. Which of these will I be able to keep in a DX nano cube:

Zoanthids, mushrooms, hard corals, lps, sps, soft corals. Im thinking of ordering a 12 frag pack from fragpacks.com and I wanna make sure that what I order will be combatible in a DX nano cube. You can get up to 3 of each types until it adds to 12. If anyone wants to make a suggestion of how many of each to order please do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Assuming that your tank params are testing out at 0 (nitrates can be a little higher ~20) and you have enough live rock/sand, you should be able to keep Zoos, shrooms, certain LPS, and soft corals pretty easy. I would start with those before you maybe try sps like montipora digitata/caps.

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