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Down with the clowns and in with the firefish


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hey whats up.. well as you all know i have no luck with clown fish whatsoever so i decided to pick up a pair of young firefish been watching them at the lfs for over a month now and decided to finally get them they are the coolest more personal than my old clowns so far so good never hide stay out and are just awesome (hope they dont jump) lol anyways just thought i would see if anyone else has any and if they like them etc (did a search read them all but want new info ) any way to tell male and female i heard one is a little larger etc .. who knows anyways happy turkey day tommmmmarrrrrow.. :)


oh ya picked up a cleaner skunk shrimp too pepperment shrimp tried to clean him and the fish on their way in.. so much fun.. sigh

anyways have a good one :)

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Firefish are my favorite fish...did you get the red ones or the purple ones? Purples are awesome too, but I hear that they are more shy than the standard reds. My red firefish also swam out in the open a lot and added a nice change of pace from the more bottom dwelling fish, like gobies. And who can resist the red firefish's cool looking elongated dorsal fin?! Unfortunately, mine died tho. =/ But one day I will try again!

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i got a pair of standard firefish the redish orange fins etc.. they are so cool. ya you should def get another pair


i was thinking about it can i put in a pair of purple firefish i know they are not the same type and all but im wodering if i can have them also in my 20 long as i like the firefish and purple firefish


i think i may have got a pair i have been watching this pair for about a month and they started off the same size and one is now a little larger and a little thicker and i hear the females get larger and thicker than males.. so hope i got a pair..

would love to add a pair of purple too..


what would make good tank mates for my firefish if i cant have another pair ?



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This horrible...all I can think about when I read "down with the clowns" is ICP back in the day.... I need new thoughts !!! :)



Originally posted by Moi

Did I just hear "down with the clowns"?



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come to think of it, I can't keep clowns alive either :( I've had about 7 of them (not at the same time) and they all died of ich, suicide (jumping) or not eating....IT SUCKS! I can keep any other fish just fine! I think for my 20L I am seeting up I will not go with a clown, i am thinking more like a Yellow Clown Goby, Fire Fish Goby, Cherub Angel, and a Royal Gramma, and in about a year, I will thrown in a Mandrain ;)


Hope I am not Hijacking your thread...

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yellow clown gobys nip corals.. thats why i dont have one.. love them little guys but dont want to risk all my frags.. you know


they are soo cool though and only 5 bucks at the lfs here .. so mad about that lol


no worries i dont mind its nice to talk with people on here


funny story my dad loves clown fish the main reason is well he works at general motors and on the side he is actually a professional clown he has been all around the world performing hes even performed for 2 presidents and been the star guest at disney world parade etc.. its actually pretty cool works at gm by night clown by day.. people fly him all over the place to do kids partys etc

(i know what your thinking man this kids a wack job) but its true lol . hes sad that i cant keep the clowns alive.. lol ill have to upload a pic here of him if i can figure it out :)

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While on the subject of Firefish, I'm setting up a new 30 gallon tank and eventually will be adding fish. I like the way Firefish look, but as my lights don't sit directly on top of the tank via canopy, I'm concerned that the firefish might jump out to their deaths. How do others deal with the problem of hanging lights (as in MH)?

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