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How are your background?


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The background for my tank is brushed on interior latex paint from the Home Depot. The colour is "Ink Spot"





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im just using a big spray-painted board, deep blue to black... works quite well for a sea feel, like youre reefs in the forground and beyond that is the big open ocean! lol what imagination i have.:blush:

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I have this reflective blue stuff; its like blue tin foil looking stuff and it comes in all differnt sized with different tints one ligh one dark. At the store it looks ugly but on a tank it mirrors back your aquascape sort of blueish but not the room or anythign else so if done right it can fool you for a second into thinking the tank is twice as wide front to back. you just tape it on on the top and sides. sorry no pix i'm at work right now.

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Originally posted by AReeferIsExpensive

kay..where did you get this stuff?


I'm assuming your talking to me. It came with the tank i bought used. but i was at big al's buying coral the other day and i saw it there.


this is very much the same just this has one blue one silver instead of two different blues. i think they have it at wal mart in teh fish section as well. call around it should be easy to get.

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