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Live Rock dying?


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One of my LRs seems to be losing its coralline, but at the same time, the one next to it has been growing coralline pretty fast. Also, the one that has been growing coralline is also turning white (as if bleached) in some areas.


Could it be that one piece is dying? How can you tell if your LR is deteriorating?


All my parameters have been good and stable for weeks. The only new thing is that I added a hairy mushroom about 5 days ago and started using "Blackpowder" daily. Could this be the cause of whatever is happening?

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dont worry. this is very normal for coralline to change like this in a new tank. after it gets used to the new lighting it will start to cover your rocks again....although maybe not in the same places it once was.


Just short of placing your rock in freshwater or poisoning the water intentionally, you cant kill live rock. Even at that, all you would have to do is keep it with some other live rock for a few months to replenish it.

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coraline is not what makes rock 'live'. what makes it 'live' is the bacteria on and inside it that allow it to convert ammonia/nitrite/nitrate. also the featherdusters, worms, and 'creepy crawlys' that are on it. coraline it totally irrelevent to this, and many believe (i am one) that it actually harms live rock by covering its surface, preventing water exchange.


coraline is an algae, and behaves like an algae. most like it because it is 'pretty'. but even a tank that has NONE can be loaded with live rock.





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