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Online Livestock to Canada??


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I have been to every single website on here and reefcentral and haven't been able to find one site that ships livestock to canada. I would love to order so many of the things i have found online, but cant order them here to Canada. My local stores sometimes have fairly good selection but the prices at tripple the price of most online stores (or double after currency switch) I was wondering if anyone might know of a site or place that ships live corals to canda??? Or any reason why its not possible??? Also, if anyone has any coral they would like to get rid of please post. (sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but i wasnt sure)

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I live in Calgary Alberta

I went to jlaquatics.com, and they look really good however all their soft corals and other live corals i looked at it said "this item cannot be ordered online" so does that mean i have to phone their store and have them send it??

thanks for al the posts so far.

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I was going to get some snails, crabs, shrimps from J&L Aquatics. Our LFS sometimes orders from him due the the closeness of the store. The only problem they have found is that he orders huge amounts of livestock in at wholesale prices. The livestock and corals are not acclimitized there like in some of the other stores, so their recommendation is if you order from J & L order 3-4 of the same thing as you will definatley get alot of deaths.


good luck.....:)

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Thanks, yea i guess i will probably just wait for my local stores to get some good stuff in. There is one little store that has tons of good stuff, but becuase i dont have much experience with corals, i dont know what needs they have and how hard they are to care for. I cant just ask the guy because he barley speaks english, and he underestimates the difficulty of care of some things. i almost bought a blue sponge because i thought he said it was easy to keep. but i'll try posting on that website above.

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