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*Build your dream tank*


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With the holidays around the corner, just curious to see what you all think.


The challenge: build the perfect 10g tank…the tank you have or the tank you’ve always wanted.


The rules:


1. The tank must be rigged to accommodate SPS, LPS, and Soft Corals plus a fish or two of your choice


2. You can only use off the shelf products…no DIY or modifications! (This might make it a bit tougher)


3. Be as specific as you can. What specific make and model of heater, powerhead, etc. would you use? What brand of tank? Would you use a fuge?


4. (Bonus) as little equipment as possible should be visible from the primary viewing angle…the goal is to make the tank look as “natural” as possible.


5. (Bonus) Money is not object but you get extra points for making a super system that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


Happy designing!

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Ok here are the specs of my DREAM tank...


Tank: 10g AGA Standard Tank (Dimensions: L=20" W=10" H=12")


Lighting: Aqualight Pro HQI 150W Pendant (Coralife) (Dimensions: 9 1/2" Dia x 27" )



Filtration: 20 Lb. of Figi Pink LS, 15 Lb. of (classic) Premium Figi LR, and a Hang on Tank Refugium from CPR (Dimensions: 13-1/4"L x 4-1/2"W x 12"H) with a Galaxy Lamp over the Fuge.


The top one



Water Movement: 2xMaxi-Jet Powerhead/Pump Model 600 (160 gph)



Fish: I would love to keep a Royal Gramma Basslet



Heater: Visi-Therm Deluxe 50w



Total Cost: $537.91 (includes cost of water from the LFS [$1/Gallon] but dosn't include corals)

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hmm lets see, its a 11.5 gallon tank, back 2.5" are the sump making display 9.5g


Visatherm 75w heater, bag of carbon/phosgard, trickle filter with bio balls, rio 2100 return pump, return flow directed right on corals, aqua globe 300 mini power head, 96w power quad, 12" cold cathode moon light, air driven auto top off, 15lbs rock, 10lbs sand.


and its all custom made


and all the lil critters you see in the pic

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Originally posted by Travis

"wants some one to post alot of crappy ideas so he can win*


10 gallon All-glass aquarium with Economy Hood




This will be best for nano because this hood contains regular bulbs so it won't shock the corals with strong lights.


You should get wet-dry filter with at-least 10 gallons of Bio-balls!

It will help you store all-imporant nitrates so your corals can feed from it.


Use as much carbon as you can so that you can do bi-monthly water change of 90%


No power heads needed! Don't wanna stress expensive corals too much! Espeicailly SPS bacuae they can break easily!


Use Bio-spira and skip the cycling! Why wait if you can get cycling in a bottle?


For a fish, you have few choices but I will narrow it down to 2.

1. Mandarin - Stunning looks. Nice character. You can train them to eat gold-fish flake foods!

2. Tang - Great bright yellow color! Tang likes to explore so make sure you create lots of caves in your 10 g.


Get at-least 30 lbs of live sand. You want at-least 5 inchs for deep sand bed. 10 gallon tank should have enough space for DSB and make it effective.


Get plastic rocks. Why pay lots of money when rock will have full of deadly bacteria! Get clean man-made plastic rocks. Besides, it will come in more interesting shapes like caves and bridges. Hell, you can even get treasure chest if you want!

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funny...i was thinking of using a plastic trash can as a tank, it's opaque so you can't see the fishies...they get scared.


And it's free since i've been using it to hold my garbage for the past 5 years! It should be good since it'll have a lot of bacteria on it for nitrate reduction. OOOOH, NNR!


but seriously, what would you want?

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10 gallon CUSTOM starfire tank inter america pet supply


euroreef cs5-2

10 gallon sump

mag 5 for return

50 watt visiterm heater

dual sea swirls/reef rats

and thats aboot it for equipment


roughly 2400 dollars

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