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Woot! Hey im new btw


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My nano has cycled its 15g and il soon be adding a 4g sump, i have a fluval 104 external that roughly translates into 1g so it will be a 20g system


I currently have 8kg of cured grade A fiji in there, cycled in 5 days.. beauty!


Now ive got some Q's Should i be running by salinty or specific gravity, its currently at 1.025 but i hear reefs should be at an salinity of 35 which at my temp (nice and constant 24.8 -25.2 degrees c) it roughly translates to a salinty of 32 (or summeat)


I want to have a nano reef on the go.. current clean up crew stands at 10 redleg hermits and 5 turbo's


I currently have 1 14w 18000k t8 tube, and a 36w cf t5 with a daylight blue tube (thats bright white and actinic i thin) im going to add another one of these t'5s sooner or later


The sump will be a fuge with 24/7 lighting of some form and im also going to add a prizim protein skimmer (a little overkill but hey!)


Im using r.o and as of current the stats are:


Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

pH 8.3


Temp 25 degrees C

sg. 1.025


dont have test for calcium or alk yet


I wish to add either a coral or an anemone or a fish this weekend! what do you rekon??


Fish, i want probably just a clown and inverts, thats it, so bioload will be bugger all


maybe a dwarf pipefish later on down the line!


What addatives do you recommend?


So what you rekon guys??


Cheers Timbo


Edit - powered by 1 hagen 402 powerhead giving a turnover of 15 times/hour

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Too soon for the anemoni,must wait at least 6 months to make sure everything stays constant,the salinity wich u have 1.025 in my opinion is fine for both fish and inverts.As a starter fish go for a clown and maybe later on u can add the inverts.

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ok cheers, what about shrooms? are they ok to add now??


Im new to the animal keeping, however not particularynew to the science! what do you think to the salinty/specific gravity relation + temp.. im stumped on that'un

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everything looks good. For salinity you want it between 1.021-1.025 its really a personal preferance at what you keep it at. I keep mine at 1.023 but it's no biggie really. the prizm will do well, trust me it ain't overkill the biggest tank i'd use a prizm on would be a 40g. Don't get a dwarf pipefish.... they need special conditions and need a seperate species tank just for their needs. Your lighting will be fine for pretty much all softies and some lps. I wouldn't add a fish just yet give the clean up crew time to clean it up then add some corals then a couple weeks later add 1 fish (or 2 if u want a pair) I would wait till you have the skimmer too (not sure if u have already or not). You might want to consider taking some of the turbo snails out and trading them for a bunch of astrea snails. Anyways good luck with your tank and remember the best way to do anything in this hobby is to take it slow (it's rlly important).

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Welcome to nano-reef and this great hobby! I think adding shrooms would be fine at this point. They are hardy and will do fine under your lights. See how they go first. If everything looks good, slowly add more easy to keep corals (more shrooms, zoo's, etc) and clean-up crew if you want... add fish very slowly, and not all at once...unless you want something to live together as a pair.


And I agree w/ everything Dan said above. More than getting a particular salinity level, stability is most important. So whether you go w/ 1.023 or 1.025, either will be fine, but just be sure it stays that way and doesn't deviate too much from that salinity.

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Ace cheers


If i go for a pair of fish it'll be clowns i guess :)


But i wont add them untill i have the skimmer


So shroom shoppin' it is :D il post the end of this week :)

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