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Time for Green star polyps?


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I had my tank setup for a week now,:)

12g Nano cube DX

1.5 inches of sand

15lbs of fuji cured LR and 3 lbs rock rubble in the back

upgraded Rio 600 pump.

75watt heater in back with the pump compartment(good circulation)

6 Hermit crabs

6 snails

Ever since i put everything in there it all looks crystal clear. I heard that green stars are pretty rugged and would do okay in the tank if i put them in later this week. I get my test kit today, im not planning on fish until late next month. Does anybody think they will be okay or should i wait longer????

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heh I have had my cube dx up for 3 weeks now and I am not gonna add anything sensitive (not even a fish) until after new years. Heck adding a couple snails and a hermit was fast imo :

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NAH, hermits and snails are there to clean, they live off everything that is dying off the LR, they are fine. They were quite excited to be in the tank and have not stopped eating since they got in there.

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A very good friend of mine knows and hangs out with the owner of Via Aqua. We go to his facility quite often and just cut things off we want and take them home and grow them.

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GSP'S are extremely hardy, and very good at indicating when something is wrong with the tank, But watch out, becuase they will take over your tank if the conditions are right , all in all they are awesome corals and should be ok, just keep an eye on your calcium and you will be cool. BTW It is awesome that you got them for free. Good Luck!

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thanks i appreciate all the positive encouragement. speaking of calcium... what should i be watching for? should i be making sure the calcium stays high? right now my calcium is running slightly rich but still within normal levels.

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The best thing you can do is slow down a bit. Stay with what you have for a few weeks. I realize the params are good, but even if everything was cured etc it is still a new tank and prone to cycles.


Sit back, chill and enjoy the show. I think you will be fine, but remember that the #1 cause of death and frustration in the reefing world is impatience.

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