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Heavily modded NanoCube 12


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It's been a long time since I posted any pics. This tank is only 4 months old but everything was transferred over from a 2 year old minibow 7.


My current set up is really self sufficient, other than feeding and a 1 gallon water change every 10-12 days I don't do much else. 5G Top off container gets refilled once every few months.










I picked up some 1/4" pvc, clear rubber tubing and an on/off valve, plumbed it to the overflow for quick water changes.





System Specs


12G NanoCube (upgrade from MB7 7/10/04)

Oak Canopy with 80mm fan & Stand "Hi-Gloss Red Mahogany" **

70W HQI 10K Bulb & 28W PC with Actinic bulb **

50W Eheim Heater

Maxi-Jet 600 (plumbed to 3/8" Loc-Line) **

Top-off system (floatswich, relay, powerhead & 5G container) **

Replaced the false wall with a blue plexiglass wall (overflow in the center) ** ============================

** = Built, wired & or assembled by me

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very cool, I'm taking the same kinda path as you and going MH over my ncube. Only difference is I am adding a sump as well as the current water top off system which I already built.


How is the lighting with that 10k bulb and the 28watt actnic? From the pictures, it looks like it is a bit more yellow then I would have expected? Just the camera or is that how it actually looks? I was thinking of putting the same 70watt bulb, the stock JBJ 24watt 50/50, and the CSL 32watt 50/50 which I currently have on the tank in my new canopy. I'm trying to get the crisp white kinda light.

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This is Dave over in NY, thanks for the hood again, and the second piece of glass. Yeah I am going to getting a 70mh over the tank as well. I am justhaving trouble with my water parameters as I need a good RO/DI source and kinda sick of paying a $1 for a gallon, getting pricey plus I'm lazy to run to the store. I love that 5 gallon topoff system, very cool indeed. I have two tanks running now a via aqua 18g as well....so much water needed,......my municipality better start making ro water for the public...lol I love waht you did with the stand....very nice work..... When you setup it, how exactly does your topoff work, I am confused on the "plumbing" aspect....exaplin if you please.... thanks

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I have always wondered if it was possible to grow sps on the glas like that. Do you have it directly glued to the glass or do you have some sort of rock bas under it?

NICE set up by the way. Neat, Tidy, and very professional looking.

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The Ushio 10K is a crisp white and not yellowish at all.




My tank stays around 79-81 degrees. I have use no filtration or skimmer, only the live rock and sand.




Unfortunately I don't have a better breakdown of the specific wiring but heres my top off system.



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