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Coral Banded Shrimp attacked Clown in front of my face!


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My new 3 day old Ocellaris Clownfish just got attacked by my Coral Banded shrimp (who has been the sole ruler of the tank for 3 months). The clown has a long scratch/cut (with scales missing) down the length from his head to his tailfin. I watched the whole thing happen, while I was talking on the phone. I had know idea that I was going to witness this attack or I would have prevented it! I thought these two were compatible! BUT I GUESS NOT! The clown did not encroach on the shrimps territory, rather vice versa....The shrimp went out of his way, and across two rocks to take a swipe at him. The shrimp could not be starving, because I have all kinds of live pods/worms for him to eat, plus I feed him cyclopeeze. This shrimp is just a big fat hog and territorial IMO. He is really cool to watch hunting etc...but not when it comes to hunting my clown! I guess I have to trade him in for a peppermint shrimp or something. What do you think? Or should I not get another shrimp at all.


Has anyone seen this behavior in a Coral Banded Shrimp? Is this normal? My tank is 24 inches long and 18 gallons. Is this enough room for a shrimp and clownfish, or should I pass the idea of "trading" in the shrimp, and just not get another shrimp at all?

Do I need to put something in the water to prevent a bacterial infection on the fish's wound, or help it heal with some kind of medicine?


Any help is appreciated....


Thanks in advance.

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CBS are ruthless killers that many consider not reef safe.


great looking shrimp but dont expect your fish to last long. he might not make it through the night.





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Micro-Reefs Aquariums

My experience with them in the past is such:


I housed him in an Eclipse 6 for about 1 year with 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 red blood shrimp and two harelquin shrimp. The banded coral shrimp liked one section of the tank and would hunt at night walking all over the place. I would notice that everything got out of his way because he was mean.


He did lose some battles with my blue damsal; missing a claw the next morning etc. Then it becomes shy because it knows it has missing claw. In the future stay clear of him because like an opportunistic shrimp his claws are larger than cleaners etc.


He does more damage and he has a bad temper. He is though a very beautiful shrimp. Hope this helps a little...

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Didn't know they were ruthless killers. Now I feel really stupid for putting the CBS in my tank. It is like the CBS is salivating over this clown. The CBS is following him everywhere just lying in wait. I am going to separate the two, because I have a nice fuge in the back of my tank with live rock/sand etc...I have to see which one I can catch first...THanks for your input Nalbar and Bladze.

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I keep my CBS as the sole invert in my tank. well... I have a few hermit crabs but besides that I dont intend on introducing any new "friends" for him. He is happy this way! As long as he doesnt attack me... he is fine :)

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You could just let him live in your fuge and keep him. You could get a more docile shrimp for the main tank such as a cleaner or a peppermint. You won't have any problems with those attacking your fish.

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