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eclipse-3 setup?


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I wondering if it's possible to use an eclipse-3 for a simple SW setup without much modification. I'm currently using it for a plated FW setup and soon will upgrade to 37g FW. I didn't use a heater, the heat from the 6W regular light was enough to keep temp around 70-80F.


I'm thinking about putting LR, LS and a cleanup crew(3 snails,3 hermit crabs). Would this work?


Can I add any shrimps? What about corals? I assume 2w/g light is not enough for any corals?


Am I right to assume that 3g is too small for a SW fish? Can a black molly survive in this setup?


I never had a SW tank and did some research for a future 30-40g setup. If I can setup this pico-reef for the moment, that would be really nice.



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well the only thing you should be concerned about is size. 3g is very little. i suggest u dont put any fish in. u can mabe upgrade the lights if u want. the cleanup crew is cool and if ur lights can be upgraded u can get a little colony of pulsing xenias or a mushroom

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