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Anybody have a fuge on a jbj nanocube?


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If your looking to get a fuge on your nano - try an AquaClear filter. Easiest solution to the real thing.


I have had my AC500 setup now for about a week, and she's running strong still. i just added my Chaeto to the mix and im gonna let it sit for another couple of weeks before I add any real life other than the snails in there now.

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just going to use a simple 1/2 siphon to bring the water down, and a ~300 gph pump to bring it back up(about 4 ft high). I'll set up some kind of check system to make sure, that neither the fuge overflows or the tank. Nothing complex. Might possibly use the stock JBJ pump instead of a siphon and hook a float switch up to it instead, havent sat down and worked that out yet, still building my stand.

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rabbi2153 I was thinking about the same thing as that, but I can't figure out how to make a check system so that it doesn't overflow. what are you going to use as a check?


hey Meercat_Maric why the aquaclear? and did you end up cutting the lid to make it fit?

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