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ric detachment


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I recently bought a some xenia from my LFS and was suprosed to find there were 2 ricordia mushrooms hitchiking on the rock. I though this was great untill I realized the rock would half to balance on one corner to let both have light. I don't know how they had it at the store, but I want to detach the rics and place them somewhere else in the tank. Any advice on how to do this would be great!!

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CT nano reefer

i was in a similar situation once with GSP, and a mushroom..I CAREFULLY scraped the mushroom base off the rock with an old credit card..worked nicely! but be gentle! then reattach mushroom base to another piece of rock using a dab of super glue (gel)...it works for me..!

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i have never had success with rics and superglue, to slimey.


two ways, take a needle and thread and slip it through the rics base and then wrap the string around a rock several times. the ric will eventually attach. my prefered way is to take a pvc end cap, put tiny rubble in it (just enough to cover the 'bottom'), put in the ric, and place in a low flow area.


you can also lay it on the sand bed. it will soon attach to some sand, and then attach the sand to a rock with superglue. i have also done it that way.


rics can be difficult to reattach. some take weeks. recordia yuma can be particularly difficult.


if you have some nerve, cut the unattached floridia ric into pieces like you would cut up a pie. then put each piece in a pvc cap with sand. the pieces dont need any 'stem' believe it or not. they will attach and grow.





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