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Red Sea Prizm Deluxe


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Hi there. For some time I've had a Nanocube and I'm totally addicted. However, I'm hitting some limits as to what I can do with my Nano. So I've decided to setup a 26 gallon tank. I'm slowly building this thing, piece by piece, but I want to do it right. I've come to the point where I am shopping for a Protein Skimmer. I am considering the Red Sea Prizm Deluxe because of it's surface skimming as well as protein skimming capabilities. Does anyone have any feedback on this piece of equipment? Do you like it? Hate it? Why?


All feedback appreciated.

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It also takes a lot of adjustment to get it working right at the beginning, though once it's going, it does a really good job. You might also look at the AquaC remora, and the CPR bak-pak skimmers.

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I agree with uglybuckling on how it takes tweeking then it Works WONDERS just like bigger sized skimmers. I think its fair for the price. Even ON eBAY THEY ARE REALY cheap. I had a original i sold for $41 so i think its something to look into.

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I am in the me too boat.


Is the AquaC that much nicer? $75 vs $170. I am looking at doing this on a 20g. That is a huge price gap and I am not sure if the performance will be much needed on a smaller 20g tank.

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