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another eclipse 12 lighting question


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Is 32 watts of light going to be enough for my eclipse 12 all i really want is some live rock to live some fish and maybe some of those thingys that kind of look like mushrooms oh and maybe one of those things nemo lives in. sorry i am new to this and i am sure you guys hate when people call them nemo fish Thanks Jason

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32w will be sufficient for most low lighting corals such as your mushrooms, zoanthid polyps, and easy leather corals which is what most beginners want anyways. One thing to remember when modifying the eclipse 12 water condensation. How do you plan on protecting the bulb from the water?

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the condensation won't be too be of an issue usually. i had a 32w supernova retro on my tank for around 4 months and never had a problem with it. just make sure that you wipe down you reflector and bulb once a week or so.


you should not get an anemone until your tank has been running(with lr) for at least a couple months. do a little more reading on the anemones and see if you feel like you can take care of one in a couple months! =) goodluck!

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