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need your help asap


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Hi, well sadly I have to part with my camelbackshrimp. He is just causing to much trouble in my tank, eating my xenia picking at the feather duster and now trying to catch my tomato clown too.


I am going to replace him with one of the following, I would appreciate any and all of your opinions.


Orange Skunk Cleaner shrimp

Peppermint shrimp

Sexy shrimp

Blood Shrimp

Anemone shrimp

Coral Banded Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp


My tank is:

10 gal

1 tomato clown

2 small hermit crabs

1 snail

mushrooms, xenia, large feather duster

Tank has been up and running for 11 months. My clown and shrimp were my first occupants in this tank.


Thanks for your help....bugsy:)

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the skunk cleaner gets quite large.. antenna tip to tip about 8 inches. so unless you are prepared for him to fill your tank, not a great choice. i love them, but no more in small tanks for me!


peppermints are a good choice but will hide a LOT. mine have a habit of disappearing, and while i have no evidence, i think my skunk enjoys their meat.


sexy are an excellent choice if you get 3-4. always out and about, stay small. they like to sit on zoos, causing them to close. this bothers some people but never bothered me.


blood shrimp...hmm, i just never liked them. to heavy bodied for me. another one that get large and will fill your tank (antenna to antenna)


i really like anemone shrimp but they are delicate and defensless. good choice for a safe tank however. you clown may pound the crap out of this one.


coral banded are ruthless killers. fantastic, fierce looking shrimp, best for a tank where they are alone. many consider them unsafe for reef tanks.


pistol shrimp are not for the faint of heart. they NEVER stop moving sand and digging. and they will cut shrooms to plug their hole. but when paired with a shrimp goby are one of the most facinating things to have in a tank. IF you are lucky enough for them to have their hole entrance in FRONT of your tank and not in the back. in the back you will NEVER see them. if you have a high flow tank expect constant sand storms from their activities. i have a goby/shrimp combo in my 80g and would never have a large tank without one.




best choice BY FAR is the sexy(s). and if you like shrimp you MUST get an porcelain crab. its a better choice than all of the above. always out, always active, and facinating to watch. i have 5.





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