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nano cube


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Hello Im going to get a deluxe nano cube on a few weeks just had a few questions. I like gobies and was wondering if they were combatible with blue/green chromis and bicolor pseudochromis. Also is the Hagen master test kit a good kit to buy or should i get another test kit. Im going to be using it for a reef tank. When cycling rock should I have lighting on during the day or should i leave it off all the time? And how many shrimp/ hermit crabs can i have in the tank without over crowding. I plan on keeping a yellow watchman goby, a blue/green chromis, and a bicolor pseudochromis if they are all combatible.

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That should answer most of your questions.


I use the Hagen test kits and they see to be decent. I'm a noob too so I haven't tried anything else yet. The watchman goby and blue chromis are dosile fish. I don't know about the bicolor...I've heard some types of pseudochromis are very territorial.

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