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good skimmer


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Get a used remora either here or RC. ~120 bucks and WELL worth the extra money. Plus if you ever have to sell it, you'll get a MUCH better amount for it.




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get a CPR bak pak if you can afford it because a skimmer is the most worthy investment in any saltwater tank. You should save up to get one. Goodluck.

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Originally posted by nanotrigger

cheapest remora is like 180  i want to spend 100 bucks

At marinedepot.com an Aqua C w/ maxijet upgrade is $163.95. So $60 more than what you projected, but WELL WORTH the investment.


And if you buy some cheap aquarium supplies which you will need anyway, you can get free shipping (a HUGE bonus) and NO TAX anyway as long as your order is more than $175.

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cpr bak pak i can get is 80 bucks.. i'm just wondering if it's the same as a remora? ii reallly don't want to spend 200 bucks on a skimmer... especially for a 18 gallon tank.

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i got my cpr bak pak for $50 on RC, it works great. and i will use it on my 37 when i upgrade (i will upgrade the rio pump to a mj1200). i've heard that the remoras are great and might even be better, but for an 18g tank and for $50 i dont think you can beat that deal.

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I bought a cheaper skimmer namely the sea clown and ended up having a hair algae experiment for a nano. I bought a remora and now my rocks are clean and I have a tank I can be proud of. Any skimmer u buy for less than $100 dollars will likely be put in a box in a few months because it won't work. Buy a remora and forget about it!!!

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with a 18 gallon, using activated carbon will also work in place of a skimmer. but either one would be ok... but you cant use a canopy with a hang on model unless it has large cut outs in the back. even then i dont think you could "hinge" open the canopy.

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i bought a super skimmer for my 20 gallon, some may think its way too big for a 20 gallon, it really isnt as it is just doing its job "faster" then a smaller skimmer, get the remora now as its a good skimmer and you can always use it in the future if u get a different/bigger tank. go with the remora, just save up a little more and you dont need a skimmer right a way if ur starting the tank up, many eople put a skimmer well after they started their tank.

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