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PH problem


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i tested my PH today and found it to be very low. 7.5 low. i know this is very bad. so i added buffer to get it back up to 8.3, my cleaner shrimp, maroon clown and 2 blue green chromis were in shock. the PH is now 8.3 and i was wondering waht are the chances of these fish and invert surving the PH change? and what about the rest of my corals and other inverts which include a bta?

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don't know if your critters will survive. wanted to tell beginners that dramatic changes in pH are too be avoided. usual recomendation is only 0.2 swings in pH in a short time frame. also were you checking in the morning when the pH usually is at the lowest. a tanks pH will gradually rise throughout the day, so if you do measure pH it should be done at the same time and preferably when the lights have been on for some time.

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You just have to wait it out and see. It's very traumatic...whatever you do don't change anything else until they recover if they do. Anything more done now will only amplify the affect.



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well guys some bad news, i lost all my fish, a shrimp, and a brittle star. all the corals are fine though. does anyone know what is might have caused my ph to shift this much in just a few dayd? i know ive read about keeping the alk at a normal level. do you have any suggestions on how to do this? which is the most effective?




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