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Hi there, okay so im just wondering... ive recently setup a 45 gallon tank (i know its not a nano- sorry) and im using two flurosent tubes, 15W each... currently im using a powerglo tube and an atanic tube... my question is, would i be better putting a marine white tube in with my powerglo instead of the atanic?? i know the atanic gives a blue glow and enhances the beauty but would the marine white make it brighter? thanks, adam.

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Yes, the marine white will make the tank brighter. However, as a side note, the lights you have are only going to be ok for low light simple corals. Just an FYI.....I'm not sure what you plan on keeping.



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okay, ive put the marine white in now... it does look alot brighter... but not as marinish looking!? :( what other corals persides mushrooms could i keep with this lighting?

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