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ok, so i am going to set up a little eclipse system six in my office at work... i currently have the tank but i am running it as a mini planted tank (tons of java and amazons and a few tiger barbs)... a few questions, looking for suggestions and donations...


currently the tank has an ok filter system (mechanical in the filter media, chemical in the carbon and biological in the bio wheel) and i have about 10-15 pounds of live rock in the sump of my reef at home... i am going to use about 2" deep sand bed so question number one, does anyone in the boston area have an extra cup or two of live sand? i figure if i can get a cup or two from several people than i will be all set... question number two, should i use a small power head in combo with all this for water movement?


the tank also as a small florescent light bulb in it... never had a problem with growing plants under this light... what if, if any, corals/mushrooms/xenia/anemones/zoo's can be kept under this light? or does any one know of a way to retro fit a small PC under this cover?


also looking for live stock suggestions... what should i put in there? i was thinking about a pistol shrimp and a goby, a few hermits, a few snails, a feather duster and maybe a small serpent star if i can find one... any other ideas or add on?

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