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The Best Small LFS in washington state!


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alryt my long serch has ended! for all the people in washington ! there is hope! mt vernon has a lfs store that is absolutely amazing! small but WOW they have everything and if they dont have it at their store its at their house and they will get it for you and for cheap! no more ordering from online! they are competitive with almost everyone! quality and common curtisy im still fairly new and i must have talked with bolth owners about a half hour and i will never go to another lfs. finaly a couple reefers out to share the hobby and not just make a buck.


Under The Sea in down town mt vernon if you havent been there and you live within an hour highly suggest stoping by absolutly amazing!!!

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Its located at 612 1st street ajacent to the river. Parking can be tough but usually up on the river back area a 1 minute walk away is available. And yes if you got a arm load they will even carry it out to your car if need be.


It is very small indeed but they try to get a couple of shipments a week to keep stuff on hand. But being new you might have to work with them a bit but your right if they dont have it they probably do have it at home. Thier prices are usually cheaper than even on-line stores are!!! Many of thier customers are driving 45 plus minutes one way just to get in on the good deals. Why I was there for about 2 hours today browsing and noticed a nice CDROM sized cup coral for 15 bucks! Rumor control has it that ORA frags and fish might soon become available there, as well as a local reefer thats might be selling some aquacultured frags in the not too distant future...


If your close to the area you really owe it to yourself to stop by there and check 'em out. It really is a store owend by hobbyist to serve hobbyist!

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The best LFS in washington state is Blue Sierra Exotic in Issaquah. It is a big store that has everything. The have a wide variety of saltwater fish ranging from rare fairy wrasses to sharks. There staff is the most knowledgeablle that i have found anywhere. You guys should definitley check it out. You will be surprised.

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hey thanks for the information ill be down in seattle area this weekend so i think ill pop in thanks! finaly places in the north west are being revield!

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RegalFlush17 is right. Blue Sierra ROCKS!!!

I've been buying there ever since June of this year. Before that it was Saltwater City in Bellevue. Blue Sierra does special order and there more that friendly even when calling with a question they will take the time to find the answer if they don't know.


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hey all of use seattle reefers should get together and pool resorces i bet between us we have a lot of knowlage and maybe stuff to trade?

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Heh-heh, I would love to trade, but right now most of my live stock is frags scavenged off the bottoms of the tanks from Under The Sea, Denny's Pet World, Saltwater City and Blue Sierra :P I've got almost nothing larger than 10 polyps :) For example, today I was at Denny's Pet World and I picked up a gorgeous Eagle Eye-like zoa frag for $1. It is a single polyp, but at least it's mounted to a piece of rock, and there a couple of babies getting ready to open! I bought another one for a buck, but it was a loose polyp that fell off my rockwork. Now it's gone :( Who knows - maybe in a few months I'll find a huge colony of eagle eyes in the back of my tank and I'll be ready to trade like crazy ;)

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opihi picker

Hey Seattle guys,

There's the ReefFrontiers forum and PSAS - Puget Sound Aquarium Society, to do local trading with. PSAS usually at the beginning of the club season (in Sept.) has a frag trade. I wish they'd have another frag trade at the end of the season too.

As far as having frag trade or group purchase within this forum, I would be down with it.


I'm in Bellevue with my 20L and 10g mantis tank.

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