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what can i keep


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I have a 20L that is well established. I upgraded my lights to the JEBO 110watt pc .... as of now i have the following:

branching hammer (with 3 heads)

2 Kenya trees

2 xenia stalks

1 big piece of green star polyps

and 1 small (size of a dime) green star polyps.


What else can i Keep in this tank?


thanks alot

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well, you've got over 5 watts to the gallon so you could probobly keep most softies like shrooms, some leathers like a toadstool (personal favorite), some lps like sun corals. I dunno about sps, i had an acro in my tank with compacts on it and it was doing well, jsut depends on what you like =).

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I would say that your lighitng is not suffecient for any type of hard coral or clam. That is just me. I would reccomend MH for hard corals especially acros. I would also reccomend not mxing soft and hard corals. It is better if you specialize in one or the other. Goodluck.

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