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5 gallon


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I am using this tank to grow out some of my mushrooms and zoos in this tank. What is the best kind of lighting for that. I have a 10 gallon with a 96w. Also, would i be able to put A fish in there...what kind. What's the best powerhead to use also. Should i stick to ebo jagers as a heater? Thanks.

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ebo jagers-yes

powerhead-none (just a good filter)

lighting-at least 15watts, no more than 40-ish (give or take a few)

fish-maybe a clown goby


There, I think I answered all of your questions. :)

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So run a filter instead of a powerhead...cause i dont have a filter on my 10 gallon...just the powerhead. I would take out the carbon filter tho rite? do i need a bio wheel too?

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you can/should have a SMALL BAG of pre-activated carbon, maybe get a skilter filter, it would have the right amount of flow, and it has a drop off after the pump, so you wouldn't have to mod it to make it a refugium. NO BIO WHEEL!!! They are nitrate factories!

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I run a Aquaclear 150 on my 5.5 with nothing in it but rubble rock. I also have a small ehiem powerhead for flow. If I turn the 150 up any more it creates a sandstorm so I felt the extra powerhead was needed. Just my opinion I guess.

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