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Time for corals?


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I have a 12g JBJ Nano Cube - about 2 months old. A polyp of some kind (zooanthid i think) has been growing and doing well on one of my live rocks (it was a hitchhiker) for over a month now.

My basic levels: Ammonia - 0, nitrite - 0, nitrate - >20, ph - 8.1, SG - 1.023, temp - 78 have been very constant and at acceptable levels for over a month. My Ca is at about 400 and alk is around 10 dkh.

With the success of my tag-along polyp and my stable levels, would it be safe to add a few low-light corals at this time or should I wait longer, and if so, what should I be waiting for (eg, lower levels)?


I have attached a photo of the mystery polyp, so it anyone thinks it does not look healthy - please let me know. My ignorance my be misleading me.


Thank you for any tips!!

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yes, initially, I did about 20% every two weeks. then I learned that 10% every week is better for such a small tank - so I have been doing that for the past 2 weeks

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First of all, let me tell you that your doing the right thing by taking it slow.

With that said, yeah, go ahead and add 2-3 corals and see how they do.

As long as you keep up aon your water changes and other maintence, you'll be fine. Good luck!


BTW, your polyp is a palythoa.

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Also, since I have the standard Nano Cube with stock 24w lighting, are there any corals that will do well under this lighting or do i need to upgrade?

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