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My 9G nano


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Here is the fist pic of my 5 day old 9G. My first time posting pics so be nice.




4 PC´s = 25W + 15W + 15W

PH Resun 700l/h



No fish (ocellaris, gramma ou wrasse in the future)

9 lbs Guarapari LR

1 astrea

1 turbo snail

9 mini-crabs

Orage Zoanthus

Green Zoanthus

Umbrella Leather´s

Purple Mushrooms

Palithoa Zoanthus

Mushroom Green Hairy



Sps (Monkey Tail - we talk him this here)

Live Halimeda

Red Starfish


In this pic were starting photoperiod (this´s wy the corals are so ugly):


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I think it would be difficult to be anything but nice. Gorgeous close-ups. Gorgeous aquascaping. Interesting tank-size, too...I'm thinking about setting up a 12x12x12" acrylic cube (7 gallons) and looking at this gives me some inspiration.


Especially like the dark zoos.



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no fish? i see one fish in the first shot... looks like a poecilia something to me, a fresh waterfish that can be kept in sw too... am i right?


tank is really great, keep upt the good work!

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Thank you Guys!

wwoooppp ... now i´m really shame... I thought you´all wouldn´t like.

Yeah, there were 2 fish´s, poecilia (molinesia here). But I took them out to another tank, because i don´t want to feed anything now, I Hate algaes, for a while they hate me too, but after they come...

In a week or more I will integrate a fuge that is bigger than the tank, 14 galon, 500X300X350mm (350mm tall). Water will fall from gravity by a bulkhead and plumbing.


Sorry ´bout the poor english, I don´t pratice has a long time, I will return to pratice here. :P


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your english is not bad, i think everyone knew what you meant :)


how did the freshwater fish do in your SW-tank? how did you acclimate them? did the poecilia eat the algea, because in fw the eat much of them... ?

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Thank you Burnah.

They were pretty well, friendly and very active. Acclimatation took just a few moments, half an hour. I put SW slowly in the container that they were. After I put them in the tank.

About algaes, they eat all day, but you have to reduce the food to them. Even when I feed them they ate algaes.

They are a little pretty, more resistance to amomnia and nitrite, eat everything, not shame and comes in the hand!

But I´ll put in few days an anemone, bubble tip, that is waiting the tank be prepared. After I´m thinking if must put an ocellaris or a maroon. I´m induced to put the occelaris by the price, and when the anemone reproduce (she is almost) and I mount the refugium the ocellaris will house there and I will buy a maroon to the bubble tip.

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Your tank is beautiful, but forgive me if I am incorrect...If your tank is only 5 days old, that seems like a lot of livestock to have if your tank has not cycled yet...


But I love that large rock which makes up your centerpiece. Is it one piece?

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Originally posted by Green Shat

your sand is so white it looks like table salt


i actually think that looks cool... totally surreal

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if i can give you an advice... dont want to offend you, but i think you should get rid of the xenia... i had NOTHING but problems with it, it grew like hell, grew over everything... i hate xenia, it might be beautiful at the beginning, but i think EVERYONE hates it later on...


but i like your tank, great setup :happy:

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dont get rid of the xenia, take care of it.

The tank looks awesome, hows that starfish doin? How big is the refugium your puttin on?


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I think you should keep the Xenia's but Keep them far from other things it can attach and grow on. I had three of them in my 12, within a few months I had to take out the mother colony and cut/scrape/burn it off most of the rock! IF you do keep it, make sure it is Isolated.



Oh and don't worry about your english, I have several friends and Instructors from Brazil. They can hardly speak and write english, so If I can understand them I can understand you.

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