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Please critique my 20g nano setup!!!


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I'm setting up a 20g High tank. It's going to be a reef tank. My only restrictions here are space; I don't have any space underneath because it's on top of a dresser. (So, no sump) Please critique my setup as much as possible, the only thing I already own is the tank, and I really want to set this up without any regrets! So, if you see ANYTHING that you don't like, LET ME KNOW!!!


Tank: 20g high

Lighting: 65w Coralife PC for now. In the future, possibly a 175w MH or 150DE MH. Another option I considered was the 110w JEBO units on eBay.

Filtration: HANG-ON REFUGIUM , and possibly a CPR bak-pak or Prizm? Would running an AquaClear 150 for carbon be of any use? Those of you with tanks ~20g, what do you do as far as filtration goes?

Live Rock: About 30 lbs of Kaelini rock, maybe in the future add about 10 lbs of TBS live rock to add some additional life.

Live Sand: How deep should my sandbed be? Is 2" too much?

Other: Heater I haven't decided. I might upgrade to a 175w MH in the future, and then I would add an IceProbe. Moonlighting will also come soon.


Please make ANY suggestions you may have!


Thanks I appreciate the input!



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it looks like you have done your homework. not much to complain about on that list. in fact, you have pretty much described my wifes tank. cpr bacpac with carbon in a 150 aquaclear is exactly what she has. 2" sandbed is good, make sure to go with finer grades of argonite, not crushed coral.


she went with the new t5 lights where the ballast comes in the bulb mount, and each bulb 'daisy chains' together. look into that type system, you might like it. VERY easy to expand it. you can start with one bulb to cycle your rock and add more as you get more 'light needy' animals. there are no ballast worries and you only have one plug into your wall.



looks great! nice to see someone do their homework.





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i have a 20 and i run a small hob filter with chemipure in it, i think it really helps with things. I'm going to be running a 150 DE when the bulb gets here, i like a shallow sand bed on a small tank but 1.5-2 inches is good, you seem like ou knowwhat your talking about good job

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I have a 18g, and a 20g. For the filtration on both all I use is a bag of carbon in the HOB(without macro). Both tanks are great, and I've never had a problem. Tanks over 8 mon. old. The only thing is I have A light load. Lots of corals but only one small fish(clarkie clown). I only do a 2g water change once a week. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/showthread...20&pagenumber=2

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i Have exactly that, a 20 gal high. i have some cheap incadescent light with those expensive fluourescent bulbs in it, also a carbon filter thing, ive got 20 lbs of live rock and 20 pounds of live sand, the sand bed isnt that deep, i really dont know that much about any of that stuff. I am a horrible reefkeeper, even tho ive only lost 2 fish in the last few years, id suggest doing a 2 gal water change every week, or 4 gal change every 2 weeks. Thats what keeps the system together. Heh, which makes my fish live. Im not cheap to my fish i just dont have the money.

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I've got the JBJ 65X2 watt PC light setup on my 20H and I got it on ebay pretty cheap. Also running a Prizim on my tank and that is basically it. I would go with the 2" sandbed for sure. I always suck a little sand out during water changes by mistake. Keep us updated. Sounding pretty good so far...

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