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can someone ID this?


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Those are acoel flat worms, they can get to plague proportions in some tanks if not controlled. You can syphon them out when doing a water change or get a Velvet sea slug Chelidonura varians, but the problem with them is that they ONLY eat flat worms. Once the flat worms are gone they will starve, so you would have to return it or find someone else that needs it.

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I have the same things, seem to have come in on the latest batch of rock from Premium Aquatics (not dissing them, just noting. Their rock is gerat). I only see them on the glass, no where else, and doesn't seem to be a large population (yet?). Will keep an eye on them & try to remove when possible.

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I have been battling these for quite awhile. There is a product called "Flatworm Exit" by Salifert. It helped a little but they came back. It has just become a part of my maintenance to siphon as many as possible out along with my water changes. They can irritate some things , eat some phyto and 'pods , but overall don't seem to hurt anything. They're just kind of unsightly. Supposedly some Mandarins and 6-line wrasses will eat them. I wouldn't try a Mandarin in a nano and the 6-lines have pros and cons. I would prefer to use a natural predator which is the Varians nudibranch(aka velvet sea slug) but as was said , that's all they eat. They just kind of suck!X)

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thanks you guys. It's conforting to have the wise and experienced. Yep been sort sucking them out off the acrylic. The reason that's their hang out spot is tons of pods there. Another quick method was get a paper towel and wipe the inside. They get picked up by the paper towel. I guess the good news is in a 3g they get very far. You are 100% correct josh. acoel flat worms. Found something last night during a search.



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