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Well my tank has been runnin smoth for a while but today when i tested my water i saw a slight rise in amonia and nitrates , before everything was at zero , what could be the cause of this? i added live sand like about 2 weeks ago would this creat a small cycle?i assumed the live sand would take care of the amonia and nitrates, by the way i have a 20 h with 1 fish only which gets fed twice a day and some snails.

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it could be the sand but two weeks seems a long time to still be getting ammonia from sand.


its possible something in your rock you never even knew you had has died. sponge or a cucumber. a sponge is ALWAYS my first guess on this type of stuff. mainly cause they dont like captivity and can die months after a tank is set up or come on a coral and then die.


about all you can do is water changes so ammonia does not get so bad as to hurt your animals.




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