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Brown algae


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OUr Nano Cube is now 5 days old and we are starting to notice alot of Brown Algae growth on the rocks and the sand. I assume that it is becuase of phosphates in the water like in a freshwater tank so we bought a phosphate filter pad to ad to the tank. Will this help or is there something else we can do to get rid of this ugly brown stuff...?






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I had the same problem with my nano just after starting it, but as soon as I got my cleaning crew built back up they have seemed to take care of most of the problem! 4 Mexican Turbo's and a Diamond Goby did the trick.

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Use reverse osmosis/distilled freshwater to top-off and when you mix your synthetic salt for waterchanges...be sure not to overfeed cuz that will contribute to the problem...adjust your light cycle so it is either on for more hours of the day (hopefully on a timer so it remains constant), or less hours a day.


You could also add Rowaphos which constantly gets rave reviews for lowering phosphates...but I'd get a phosphate test kit first and check to see if phosphates is really your problem...always good to narrow down the potential contributing factors to see how best to go about attacking the prob.

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And my diamond goby also keeps my sand clear of any brown algae (which otherwise would be covered in it). But your tank may not be able to accomodate diamond gobies since they get relatively big.

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dont add anything to your tank until your cycle is complete!


THEN worry about this kind of stuff.


to be honest, that does not look all that bad. things can get grim later (let say two months in) as your system tries to clean itself up. so relax and try to wait awhile before getting worried.


that actually looks like diatoms. is it kinda like rust? if so, its diatoms. do a search, but diatoms are not really anything to worry about, particularly at your stage. if diatoms, it will get a lot worse (maybe) and then fade away.


all these stages, including the algae phase, are really just your tank washing the crap out of the system. just think of them as 'water scrubbers'.




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I had the same issue in the begining fo the cycle but was gone later. I bought turbo snails and they seemes to like it cause they cleaned every corner of my tank.

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