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Nocturnal thing?


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Our tank is now 4 days old and we have seen 2 new things emerge from the rocks, the first was this afternon. it was too smal for our camera to get a decent picture so i will describe it the best I can. It was oval shaped and brown with light colored spots, it appeared to be some sort of snail but with a soft shell and was about the size of the tip of my finger. Any idea?


The second was just a few moments ago we took a little flashlite and look in the tank and saw thing long finger like projection coming out of the the rocks. it was a tan color and looked like it could get alot longer. As soon as the light hit it (we didn't know it was there) it slowly sucked it's way back into the rock. The end that we could see was puckered and it move back in really slow. Any idea what this could be?


Thanks for your help :)

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Here's a picture. When he's exposed to light, he shrivels up and pulls himself back up inside the rock and you can barely see just the tip of him. So we left the light off for a while and snapped this shot of him:




We also have a snail that we don't know much about. He almost looks like a soft shell snail if there is such a thing. Moving very slowly... Here's a shot of him:



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Thanks so much for your quick replies. I can't wait to see what else come out of these rocks :P BTW they are both safe to keep in there correct? All of the research I have done says that they are just want to be safe.

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