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Lighting for LTA


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Is the stock 48watts of lighting in the JBJ Nano Cube DX enough to support a Long tantacle anemone until I can buy a MH setup (say about 1-2 months?) thanks for any replies

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should be enough for a few moths. don't forget to acclimate your anemone to the new lights after you buy the metal halide lights or you risk bleaching it!

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I would shoot for a MH first...if you can stand the waiting :)


I would have to agree with jjjo, maybe another species of anemone would be better for a 12g.



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If it my tank, I would forget about putting any type of sea anemone in that size of an aquarium. As the sea anemone grows it requires more food, also producing much more waste, and if not maintain frequently the water quality can quickly become poor. I not saying it can't be done, and also you run the risk of the sea anemone attacking other corals due to not having enough space. If want to keep sea anemone set up a large reef aquarium w/ a metal lighting system, and the odds are in more of your favor.

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