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Frank Has Fingers! Any help repaid with beer!


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lol...jmt is the winner! i would bet that the first pic is a red colored bubble algae and the second is definetly aiptasia.


goodluck as i suppose jmt will drink beer for all you're worth.

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I figured that the second one was aiptasia but I wanted a second opinion. Thanks.


The first is kinda cool looking though, should i remove it?


Anyway - JMT I'll meet you at the mall but I'm not going in Victoria's Secret with you again- you look awful in a teddy.



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If you don't remove it, it will be everywhere.


If you're naming your featherdusters, I wouldn't suppose you had frags to trade. Or do you?

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naming featherdusters is very noble- it common among the people of the northern zigwaw region of fiji-- but i digress-

i did prop some really neat xiena today that is free for the taking, otherwise I may eat it.


Just let me know if someone wants it.


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Well I got the aiptasia out, I was thinking about feeding it to the cat, just to see what happened, none the less the red alage was somewhat more difficult- i tried to tweeze it while shipinioning? aroung it- i got most of it.


Thanks again for the help-

Again- let me know if someone wants some xiena!



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What other are there besides Kermits and something fishy.

I've bought all my corals from Kermits and SF seems to have alot of supplies however no one there I have ever talked to seemed to be any help. IMO.


I hadn't named anything in my tank until i need a catchy title for the tread.


Are there any other LFS that stock corals? I know that their is a place on Covington Pike? I think- however they had anemones under shop lights- no thanks.



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There's a place in Munford, but I haven't been able to find it. I don't know how great it is since they were trying to cycle their tanks with seahorses.


I tend to shop solely at Kermits because they QT their fish and coral and they are selling smaller "nano sized" SPS frags.


The owner is doing a helluva job on a custom tank I'm having made. Nice guy.


They're having a sale right now. So, swing by and see if you can score a deal on some stuff.


They're also re-doing their tanks and expanding the corals and clams over into the old freshwater section.



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I used to roll over there from Little Rock to hit Kermit's until we got a few decent shops open here. Kermit's has some nice stuff. Used to find some sweeeet deals a few years ago out at a shop towards Kirby Parkway, can't remember the name of it...been closed for a while now. Those people were nuts though, only shop I have ever been in that kept blue rings in stock! My buddy John, from West Memphis, and I went to the counter and asked the guy if he had a clue as to what he had in the tank back there, and the guy said "oh, the small ones would just make you sick enough to put you in the hospital."!!!!!! I kinda figure that's why they're not in biz anymore. Lawsuit, or just plain stupidity got em.

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