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What the hell did I just find in my Nano Reef!?!?!?!


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I saw this thing stuck on my rock a long time ago one night. i wasnt sure what it was. I was thinking it was just some pattern on the rock that I never noticed. Come morning time, the 'pattern' was gone. I knew then it was not part of the rock.


Well I finally saw it again tonight. I stared at it for a few seconds, then i saw it move!!!!! it was moving like a snail except w/o a shell. I took some pictures but it did not come out well.... I poked it with my scraper and it stopped moving and stuck onto the rock. I pryed it and managed to flip it. I tried to capture it but it fell from my scraper and down into my tank's cave.. right now its upside down and a lil curled up. Maybe its dead I dont know?


It moves like a snail, suction at the bottom. And its flat!


WHAT IS IT?? here are some pics.........





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