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Do you NAME your aquatic pets?


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My wife insists on naming pretty much everything, except the corals.


Neptune, the true percula clown

Birdy, the four-line wrasse

Pepe, the skunk cleaner shrimp

Hector, the mexican turbo snail


The hermets and various other snails have no names.

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Gilgamesh - make H. Kuda seahorse

Ishtar - female H. Kuda seahorse (deceased)

Bonnie - female black "percula" clownfish

Clyde - male black "percula" clownfish


The only ones I haven't named are the ones I can't tell a difference between -- so mostly my dwarves. And the ones I don't plan on keeping.


Umm... I named all my old freshwater fish, but they're gone... Here's a quick list of the cichlids:

Killer, Blue, Yellow Tiger Fish (yes, that is a NAME *grin*), Wacko, Jacko, and Mr. Smoochy the pleco.


And my red-eared slider is an "aquatic pet", and his name is Tobias/Toby. ;)

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Oh, almost forgot... my boyfriend decided to name all of his freshwater dwarf puffers after STDs...


(forgive my spelling)


There's Crabs, Syphellus, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia. ;) Cute, right? :P

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onyx clownfish - Neo

yellow watchman goby - Trinity

mandarin dragonet - Morpheus


Nassarius Snails - Sentinels

Pederson's Shrimp - The Oracle

Mexican turbo - The locksmith

Blue legged hermits - Ctrl+Alt+Delete

My Nano Reef - The Matrix

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Yellow Tang - Bubbles.

domino Damsel - Mr.Sunshine... aka its very mean.

striped damsel - Oreo.

yellow tail damsel - Mike.

Lawn mower blenny - Mr.caterpilar

Pepermint Shrimp - i cant spell it LOL! its french like that shrimp from nemo pe ir something like that! ^___^ Aww so cute too

asorrted clowns named nemo -__- gf loves the name so eh! LOL

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my first 3 hermit crabs- shell, shellra, shellaga

turbo snail -- sonic

blue reef chromis -- kimarhi

dark shelled hermit crab - gravija


got a clarkii clown that still needs a name....

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Among various other common names to the marine world, we named our Cleaner Shrimp "McBain" (Schwarzenegger based character from "The Simpsons") --Big Fans, can you tell?

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My wife and I used to name our fish- but almost every fish that she named died while the ones that I named lived. She won't name fish anymore. I just hope this doesn't take place with our children as well. :)

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Me and a friend not only named everything in my tank, we gave them all a backstory. I guess I'll list them (keep in mind we were pretty wasted when we did it):


Maximillian: red shroom, king of the aquarium kingdom

Jennifer: yellow clown goby, the king's concubine

Romulus: spiny urchin, the king's mage/advisor, everyone is afraid of him, even the king; rumor has it that he could wipe out the whole tank with gigantic bolts of electricity, but he's never done it because he'd kill himself in the process

John Oxford: white narissus snail, the village idiot. Romulus has taken him on as an apprentice

John James: John Oxford's brother, another narissus, very intelligent, visiting the kingdom from some far away country

Butler: scarlet hermit, a notorious thief, despised by the the rest of the kingdom

The Priest: blue leg hermit, has a drinking problem

All the rest of the snails are the king's guard, except for the biggest one, Mortimer, who is the captain of the guard and may be having an affair with Jennifer behind the king's back


Yep, that's it. There's actually much more to it, but i've typed enough to give everyone the idea.

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