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What kind of bull crab is this?


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Hey all,


Anybody here knows what kind of crab is in the pix attachment? It is brown with red eyes. It has been eating most of astrea snails and 3 weakend turbo snails since I found a bunch of shells near its hole. It almost always hide inside the rock inside a little hole. Sorry I can't get him out so the pix is not too clear.


I think it is this one but not sure.


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not a shore crab...i think that they have to be able to get out of water or they drown.


to figure out what kind of crab it really is take the rock he's hiding on and fw dip it(with ph and temp acclimated). he should come flying off the rock. then just net him out or pick him up and put him in a cup of your tank water and post pics.



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Damn piece of crab! Since two weeks, I have not added back any turbo snails or shrimp in there to replace the mysterious dead ones. Last night, I added 3 turbos and 1 $19 shrimp. Today (24 hours later), I saw the shrimp body stuck inside that crab hole with all legs cut off and head semi-decapitated. ARgghhh!!! Now I know what has been causing my previous 6 turbo snails to die off! Should I just leave it in there so head can finish it off till Saturday so I can get rid off it to the LFS? Yea I will make him jump off the rock with freshwater, that's for sure!!!

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No seriously do a seasrch on nano reaf for gorila crab.

Somone posted noe that looked just like that.

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