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What is this? Hydroid?


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I was looking at my green striped mushrooms tonight, and thought cool there is a really pretty little one growing on the rock, when it closed up really quick. I thought hey, mushrooms don't move that quickly! I got out the magnifying glass and it looks kinda like an anenome..it's tentacles are about 1/8-1/4 inch long at most, clear to white colored(it basically looksl like the stripes on a green mushroom, LOL), I can't see a center. It appears to be attached to the rock. And it can retract very quickly-when it retracts it disappears. I can't get a picture of it -my digital is absolutely useless for macro pics.


Can someone possibly ID this from the description? I looked on the reef central gallery thinking it was aiptasia but it doesn't really look like any of those pictures. Now the hydroid looks more like it but it doesn't seem to move around at all (other than opening and closing).





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