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Anyone using 24" VHO's with a MH?


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For my new tank im planning on getting a 150 or 175w halide and seeing as my tank is going to be 23" long i can make the hood a bit wider to fit some 24" lights.


SO i got to thinking that for some actinics VHO's work pretty good and are pretty cheap.


anyway hello lights has a balast for 2 bulbs that will work for with 2 24" 75w bulbs for $35 with endcaps and the bulbs are only $18


anyone running anything like this?

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was thinking about doing the same thing, set up a 20g (after my 15gal via aqua popped :blush: ), Ive surfed around NR quite a bit and have not found very much useful info on VHO or any pics of people using them but I still think Im going to give it a try, just gotta pull some extra shifts get some cash and Im set. Let us (me know at least ;) ) how it turns out if you go with the mh with VHO or if you find any info.

good luck Peace

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If I don't end up trading my vho setup, I'm going to use it on my 20H. I will be using probably 14 or 20k MH bulb (150-250w). And have 2 VHO actinic bulbs. Now that I think about it, I may go one actinic and one 6500k. That should be nice.

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A locate pet shop in my area has a 45 gallon sps reef set up, using Ice Cap Ballast with URI vho bulbs, and everything in the reef is thriving. Also online reef store www.Championlighting.com is using vho in their reef tank, and using nothing else and the sps are thriving as well. So that convinces me that sps can thrive with vhos.

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can someone that has them please tell me the length of the bulb with the endcaps on?


My tank is going to be 23.5" long and I need to see how much wider I would have to make the hood to fit these.

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I have 2x24" VHOs on my 20H. They barely fit under my store-bought canopy. I had to sand the inside a little bit. I use URI bulbs and have hard endcaps and ice cap 660. In the summer I keep the hood open due to heat.


I have been condering MH and would need to build a new canopy for this.


BTW I only keep a clown, LR and anemones.

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