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Surface irratation affect light?


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I have one of my PHs pointed somewhat at the surface of the water to breakup the top of the water a bit. My question is does this surface current affect the ability of my MH light to penetrate the water?

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Good question. I would guess that it would affect the light whether it be MH, PC, or whatever. It has to distort the waves. . .that being said, I betcha it is pretty dam minimal.

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The effect on the light can actually be positive. If you are seeing rippling rays (for lack of a better descriptive phrase) that dance over your tank interior, then you are actually seeing the ripples in the water magnifying the light, so for split seconds your corals are getting high amounts of magnified light=good for corals!

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Because the mh bulb is a very small light source, allot of light from one relatively small fixed point = ripples.


Florescent bulbs are big/long and hit the "surface waves" at allot of different angles...


Hope it makes sense...

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Point source!


Also, in Bornemans book, he says that those light ripple can cause areas of brief intense light (up to 200x ) and that corals have been shown to react positively to it. Just like in the ocean (Sun=huge point source)

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