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Updated pics of my nano - 20h. Updated 11.8.04


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First off - baby sitting a tang - i think i've said that a million times. I've had it for about 4 - 5 months - so please dont think I'm keeping it in a 20h. Thank you.


here are the pics.


Here are a few pics of my tank (20h) I've been playin around with my digi cam and I've come up with a few good shots - they could be better though :)


Check it out.













Finally, a very blurry and overexposed pic of my 20h from a few feet away.





I'm open to all comments, suggestions, flames, compliments :) P:P

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Looks nice dude. Very nice Clown too. Looks very cool. The only thing is that the rock is a bit too white for my taste, but it looks awsome. What kind of light do you have in there again?

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That rock was just cured and put in my tank. It was sitting in a bucket for a while and it was the perfect rock for my tank. It is basically a 25lb boulder. Fits perfectly into my tank, give it about 2 months. It'll be filled with coraline algae :) I'll post a pic when its the color we both want !


oh, lighting is a 175w 20k XM bulb.

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damn pos, we're both running the same set-up... 20highs with 175watt halide hoods. the only difference is that you're using the 20k, and i'm using the 14k.. but your tank looks sweet. i'm sure that my next bulb will be a 20k.


oh yeah, that bearded clam is f'n tight....

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Originally posted by tinyreef

so it's not really live rock but undead rock?


lol, its dead rock, but slowly coming back to life...


its dead as disco.

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Originally posted by VicSkimmr

hey, if by nuking it you mean that he cooked it, then he did you a very large favor.  i really like that aquascaping!


and, no...the owner nuked it in a bad way...but i was joking anyway.


I meant that he had to much copper in his tank and rocked it..but i was only kidding...


"right tiny??"

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i dunno about the copper. i just know that whatever goes into the throwaway bins ain't there for good behaviour.


just toss it in the microwave. anything that pops, you throw away. simple.

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lol - nah, i think its good. I cured it for about 3 weeks maybe...i rushed it. But i scrubbed like a maniac, cured and cured, and did water change...so its ok. My tank is a champ, it can take any kind of change...i pour bleach in my tank every day to toughen my livestock up a bit.



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Nice tank. Mine will look like that in a week, or a year, or never (not for lack of trying, but because I kinda doubt I can keep up with that aquascaping, which I really like).


Same exact setup tho...20H, 175W 20,000K MH. Same brand of bulb, even. Best thing about the bloo lights...white rock actually looks decent under them. Not great (in your case you hid it well, in my case not so much)...but at least decent.


I especially like the pic with the clown. What kind of anemone is that?



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Thank you, thank you. I wouldnt have it any other way...the 20k xm bulbs are awesome. They are a little blue at first, but they whiten out and make a nice sharp focus onto your tank.


Also, please join me in the same boat when it comes to aquascaping. I've had the tank for 9 months. Shuffled through about 80lbs of rock, put some in, put some out, put others in, put others out for about 6 of those 8 months. Then i finally founld a 20lb boulder from a friend nearby, which is the white rock you see in the middle. So i only needed to add like 3 or 4 small surrounding rocks to make it the look that I want. The look that i have is very generic, and very common, but that doesnt mean it's not still nice. It took me a very long time to get the aquascaping that i've wanted. If you look at my previous threads, i used to post every time i'd aquascape...and that was like once a week for 3 months. Everyone here was prob so fed up with my garbage "How do you like this setup?" posts :)


Thanks for the compliments.


And also, to answer your last questions...and sorry for the long post. That is not an anemone, which is what many people couldnt believe...its a patch (7 or 8) of pink hairy/frilly shrooms. The tenticles are long as hell, which is why there is confusion. But its just a plain pink hairy shroom...huge - but just a hairy shroom.



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