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5.5 DIY Hood help


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If you wanted to build a wood one with your own lighting, I would think that you may be able to adapt Ross' plans to fit your size tank. It's a faily simple build and mine came out nice. I was thinking of a 5.5 myself for my office and I would probably build a custom hood on a scaled down version of the same hood. Heres the link:




Good luck,



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Yeah sure. Here is mine. I use the 5.5 as my refugium. It has a 20 w 50/50 mini under thr hood, and a csl 32w retrofit reflector inside.


made from a plastic rain gutter



Under the hood



on/off switch (the switch is actually there to hold the light socket in place)




Last note: use a piece of glass as a splash/evap cover to protect the light bulb from salt creeps. You can get a piece of glass at Home Depot, and have them cut it to the correct size really cheap. Also make sure you sand the edges of the glass down using several grades of fine and coarse sand paper.


I Like djconn's light setup.

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