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Ok, so my tank is all pretty much set up (equipment wise), except for some powerheads and a protein skimmer.. i put my water in last friday along with the sand. I put a 2lb live rock in yesterday, and 3lb more in today... how long should i except to wait until i start seeing anything interesting (if anything was on the rocks)



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you dont say how big your tank is. with only 5 pounds you will (more than likely) have to add more. that will extend your cycle.


when you see stuff is dependant on the quality of rock. some never see anything of 'interest'. some see stuff in a couple days. each situation, each tank is different. its what makes reef tanks so interesting, every single one is unique. to be honest, i think the first month or so is the best time on any reef tank. each day is its something new and you never know what you will find. its why i am a firm believer in HIGH quality rock, no matter the cost.


asuming it is good quality rock you can see life in a week to two weeks IF YOU LOOK CLOSE. so get a magnifying glass!




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Dr. Saltwater

Things start growing when other conditions are good. Powerheads are very important to have if you have LiveRock! The nitrite should be gone in 6 - 8 days, than you could expect things to come out. Hope they'll survive ... because the nitrate makes a longer run

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