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FYI, the ac 500 is too big for the mini 5 gallon bow aquarium


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This weekend I went out and bought the mini 5 gallon bow front aquarium. I had already bought the AC 500 a few days before. Petsolutions said that the AC 500 needed a 13 inch opening and the mini 5 gallon bow is just over 14 inches long so I figured it would be a good fit...not so. The black edging on the top hangs over and the filter won't fit. I put it on only to find that the AC 500 is too big for it, the only way you can have it on there is if you support the bottom of it with something and slide the filter all the way over so that it doesn't flow out of the tank. It can fit but it looks and fits kinda weird...just thought I would let people know before they got everything.

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you cant just hack through it, water would go everywhere if you try to alter the output. Doesnt matter anyway though cause I returned the bow and got a good old 5.5 gallon glass. The 500 fits great.

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