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Effectiveness of AC300 Fuge on 16gallon tank?


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I'm contemplating Fuge options, and my space is limited due to the Remora already on the back. The tank is a 16G bowfront, with ~20lbs LR (its a tonne of rock in the tank...some was extremely light and porous) and 20lbs LS, so actual water volume i estimate around 11-12G based on when I first added water. Would an AC300 house enough chaeto to impact the nitrates that might be left over from dissolved organics the skimmer doesn't catch?



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I have the same problem. I was thinking about a fuge but the space on back of my 16g is limited with the remora there. I looked into the smallest cpr aquafuge but I think its too big. An ac500 fuge is too big as well. I too realized that only a ac300 will fit on the back with the remora and wondered if it would be effective as a fuge. I would think that it wouldnt hurt anything.

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I would think that the addition couldn't possibly have any negative effects.


Since the ac300 might not be big enough to process the water volume your looking for. One possible solution would be to increase the time as to which the water has in contact with the fuge itself. This can be done by slowing down the intake of water so it has more contact time with the organics of the fuge - producing the same results as a larger fuge but on a slower time scale.

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agreed, i could see no negative impact. just wondering if anyone who has used an AC300 can comment on whether or not it could contain enough macro to reduce nitrates faster than they are produced on an average stocked tank of this size.. Reducing the flow goes without saying.


i've even got the surface skimmer attachment already, but i've got my remora on the side that would make sense using the surface skimmer on, and moving the remora to the other side would leave a powerhead in the middle of the back of my tank where some aquascaping would interfere.

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I've got the AC500 on my 16g, and it is a tight fit, considering I am still trying to build a UTR skimmer...


As for the efficiency, my chaeto grows like crazy so I imagine it is "doing it's job"... I still have a little patch of valonia and some other small patches of macro growing in the tank, so I can't say the fuge is the end all solution...


so if you're thinking of the ac300, I'm sure the macro will grow but if you have dissolved organics like me, you'll probably have to prune it more than once a week... considering my chaeto growth i wish i had more than just the ~1 gallon but your bioload might be lighter...



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Bun, if i covered the expenses would you mind shipping some to oakville? If its a siginificant amount i could toss in a few extra bucks for your trouble. I'm not sure how much you remove each pruning.

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